A cord and his EDC simple sun

Dafa products have been trying to recharge in recent years to do a single drying, but I was a serious delay in patients, a drag is a year or two, and today saw a few EDC , Suddenly there is only (chong) Hua (dong) overflowing feeling, and quickly while the blacksmith, combined with EDC, to pay the fees owed Dafa. Taking pictures with ten minutes, writing up to half an hour, the main record, the level is very limited, understanding. The first is to go to work every day to take the package, seen in the local Atlas, and later won in Taobao, Outlets are Xiangui, Aunt in the high places where this is no boxer. A cord and his EDC simple sun Two or three hundred of the package, can be loaded, strong like, with replica watches uk a year, and was pretty easily, a colleague said I took the camera bag. The most intimate every day is not a wife, is Dafa z5, Suning 2999 that wave to buy, z5 National Bank prices have been high, the original would like to scouring parallel ip6 another year, did not think somewhere own Dafa. Compared to iphone or slow, open the camera slow, the application from Kai, resulting in heat and power, do not toss the phone after work iphone really is the best choice. Z5 has many advantages, waterproof, extended storage, Dafa Faith addition. A cable powder and his EDC simple sun Sony (SONY) Xperia Z5 E6683 Sony z5 mobile Unicom dual 4G dual card mobile phone boundless black 4499 yuan Jingdong direct link This wallet with me five years, to participate in the work of the first year to buy, a little more than a hundred, one Friday when the work comes to the Amazon brother, cortex soft, large capacity, has obvious wear and tear, Go on. A cable powder and his EDC simple drying Goldlion Goldlion men's two-fold purse - wallet GB433ES1 brown Amazon China Direct Link A cable powder and his EDC simple drying Casio Casio Analogue pointer series elegant quartz male watch BEM-506L-7AVDF669 元 Amazon China Direct Link Casio watches, more than 300 into the rolex replica Amazon activities, each time at the counter to see a similar section of the price of 1k more than always feel cool, Cock wire did not save. In fact, has been stopped for a long time, has been thrown in the bag, do not change the battery on the three months of self-proclaimed delay in patients with nerve disease? Inexplicable to buy this card box, 200? Was feeling very expensive, beautiful map ah, did not hold back, and now still feel expensive! But packed in the bag for several years, the utilization rate is high. A cable powder and his EDC simple drying OGON card box to carry anti-hacking invasion aluminum outer box internal resin is more lightweight and durable seven layer grid European card package waterproof dustproof anti-electromagnetic radio frequency of your card scan better protection you Card high hardness box to prevent the card bending bending (dark gray) [SF] 368 yuan Amazon China direct link Not seen when the noise can not help but curiosity into the goods, Bluetooth plus noise absolute running artifact, if there is noise reduction mode for the square dance on the perfect, there is a straight line after the decline in z5. A cable powder and his EDC simple sun Sony (SONY) NWZ-M504 8G MP3 player digital noise reduction Bluetooth headset smartphone high quality plug-in black 759 yuan classic perfume bottle design with Bluetooth support NFC Jingdong direct link The silver mobile power to buy back is bad, full of electricity a day or two ran light, and power, and occasionally emergency use. Meet the book like a day or two to read, and then idle for two months a month, and then found a book. . . A cable powder and his EDC simple small sun knife is my university to buy, calculate the fast for ten years, the scissors of the spring out has been too lazy to buy accessories, but also reluctant to take down from the key, then bought two , The other in the father there is a lot of new. University roommate Ching Chassis after the completion of the show to me, I said to clear the fan is also removed completely clear, the results of the fan to the cpu stained, roommate hand slip, broke a few pins, do nothing at the occasion of the small knife Tweezers to save him, all the lines and straight after I show off a lot, the results again hand slip. . . Flashed a decade of time to flow so hastily. U disk wireless headset pencil is not a replica watches. A cord and his EDC simple sun No noise reduction mp3 with the headphones, and ip5 with a long time. A cable powder and his EDC simple drying is to show a cable self-cultivation of the powder: TV model is w800a, 55-inch, 2012, the most satisfactory is with a cam slot, you can get rid of radio and television set-top box, the most annoying two remote control, this feature is now all the new models seem to have shrunk, You can also use the TV remote control Sony's own Blu-ray. Eat the ash in a blue cable and his EDC simple sun sea scouring the headphones, moving times to play in general, monitoring sound quality fungus without a sense, when the computer headset to play with tanks. In the headset bar inside to see such a post: "in the summer before leaving school had the privilege of a trip to the school's recording studio where I thought I could see a lot of high-end recording headphones, but in front of me but only a row All the way to a look but found it is very similar to the appearance and 900ST MDR-V6. School of Art Institute of the majority of the equipment are more expensive, so be the Sony Ericsson headset, The V6 surrounded by these expensive equipment is undoubtedly too ordinary; this sharp contrast sparked my curiosity, so I like a studio is not familiar with the professor to ask up the professor's name, I went to He did not know, although he quickly introduced himself, but to focus on the V6 I did not carefully remember.I am more polite to ask him the advantage of V6 compared to other listening headphones where he and Did not directly answer my question, but to open a wooden drawer, and slowly picked up a pair of years has been carved numerous scratches of the V6. He looked at V6, said it was his 90 years to buy V6, when he was in Hesitated whether to choose to learn music processing when the money to buy the headset.V6 at that time is a lot of music listeners dream of its unique design in the industry is well received.Therefore, the affected professors also chose the V6 He told me that although the old V6 was no longer usable, he could still remember the first time he heard her voice, "To me] everything just sounds more real than (The details of the music to be more clear than ever, the performance was so terrible I can not resist, it feels like love) was later obsessed with the sound of the V6, he was the first time, Although I've been considering the strength of V6 before, but when he began to tell his memories when my attention gradually by his stare at the V6's eyes attracted .Although his facial expression Has been relatively dull, but this look, no doubt full of hot feelings for him, this pair has been dying at the end of life V6, far more than just his use of tools, the headset is more like him and he Side by side through the brilliant partner, so even if the age has been high V6 can no longer as in the past as issued by ear-catching voice, he is still careful to put her in a drawer, cherish her. He moved the V6 slowly back to the drawer, and began to answer my initial question - I almost forgot about it.He said with a smile, V6 then and CD900 (no ST) are Very good headphones and they are now very good, but he said, after all, after so many years, technology is not the past, excellent headphones are more frequent .He is also aware of V6 is not the quality of the best monitoring headphones, he Said M50 in many ways may be better than V6. Then his words completely shocked me. He said to me, the headset as a performance art, he himself is part of art. Art has a soul, so each headset also has its own soul. And for the beginning too, the value of the soul and the value of art should not be determined by money and parameters. "People like whatever they like," he said, the most expensive things do not represent the best. Using the price to measure the quality of the sound is to describe the quality of the amount of its own is not feasible. He said he heard these 23 years, said a lot less headphones, he was also amazing, he also impetuous, but in the end he can still quiet down to find their favorite sound. He says the tuner gives each newborn headset the soul, and each newborn headset is waiting for the one who can appreciate her voice, and then she will use her life for him to play any of his favorite songs. He went on to say that, although the headset in the direction of monitoring and other headphones are different, but one thing is the same. Each listening headset has its own soul is listening, and he has always loved the soul of V6, never changed. He loves V6 advantages, but also love V6 shortcomings, like he loved his children, whether they are not always been obediently at his side. He does not dream of perfect sound, on the contrary, the United States for the more flawed charm. Although V6 has her shortcomings, but she contains the soul of the monitor is unquestionable. In this past time, V6 has been fulfilling her mission, she also accompanied by batch after batch of art students through the long time. Time proved everything, he said he was pleased that even 23 years later, he still believes that V6 can give students love music inspiration. After listening to his speech, I recall I just entered the studio when the kind of impetuous mentality, suddenly a kind of concealment of shame. Before he left, he said he would retire next year or the year after, and he was happy to share his buried memories with him in his last days. As a gift, he gave me a new spare V6, which is my photo in the site. Before going, he said that the price of V6 is not expensive, but he hopes I can take good care of her, patiently listen to her voice, he believed I would like. Unfortunately, because I was too touched his eyes wrapped in tears, afraid of a speech will cry, so just quietly point to leave. "